Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth? 

I'm Monica Olson, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I'm here to guide you on your path to a happier and healthier life. With a range of specialized therapy services in North Texas,I offer a warm and empathetic approach to help you overcome life's challenges and embrace a brighter tomorrow.

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My therapeutic approach is centered around digging deep to address childhood wounds, emotional neglect, and trauma. By navigating these challenging experiences together, I help my clients understand that they are not broken; they are loved, important, and immensely valuable.

I'm not interested in superficial fixes; I aim for lasting change that stems from the core. 

Life can be complex, and sometimes it's necessary to seek guidance and support. My individual counseling sessions are designed to provide you with a safe and confidential space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I will work closely with you to help you gain clarity, build resilience, and find inner peace. With my compassionate guidance, you can heal from your past and reclaim your future.

Individual Counseling (18+)

Healing from trauma can be a transformative journey. I specialize in Trauma Reprocessing, a therapeutic approach that guides you toward resilience and inner healing. Whether you've experienced a single traumatic event or a series of difficult circumstances, I will support you in your journey to find strength in your story and embrace a brighter tomorrow.

Trauma Counseling

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective therapeutic method for processing trauma and painful memories. My expertise in EMDR therapy can help you unlock the potential for healing and growth within yourself. By working together, you can release the emotional burden of the past and embrace a more positive future.

EMDR Therapy

Change is a constant in life, and sometimes it's necessary to reframe your thoughts to conquer challenges. I offer Cognitive Therapy, a dynamic approach that helps you master your thoughts and transform your life. Through cognitive restructuring, you can gain control over negative thinking patterns and cultivate a more positive and empowered mindset.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Our relationships are integral to our well-being. Attachment Counseling is a therapeutic avenue through which I help you navigate attachment patterns and heal your relationships. Drawing on the wisdom of attachment theory, you can learn to build deeper and more fulfilling connections with others and embrace a life filled with love and satisfaction.

Attachment Counseling

Self-love is the foundation for self-discovery and deeper connections with others. I am dedicated to guiding you on your path to healing and growth. By embarking on this journey of self-love, you'll not only find personal fulfillment but also create more meaningful relationships with those around you.

Counseling for Self-Love and Healing

I'm Monica Olson, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I'm committed to helping you on your path to healing, growth, and self-discovery. If you're looking for therapy services in Southlake, Texas, contact me today to begin your transformative journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Ready to create the change you desire?